TUP Transparency Seal

Philippine Transparency Seal
The TUP Transparency Seal

The Technological University of the Philippines complies with the conditions of good governance as set by National Budget Circular 542 issued by the Department of Budget and Management, as evidenced by the Transparency Seal as a requirement of the General Appropriations Act FY 2014, 2013, and 2012.

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  1. The campuses of the University have also issued their certificates of compliance to the conditions of good governance as evidenced by the Transparency Seal.

  2. The University's Mandate and Functions, Names of Officials with their Positions and Designations, and Contact Information

  3. 2016 Reports

  4. Operations Manual

  5. Previous Reports

  6. TUP's Major Programs and Projects Based on Key Results Areas

  7. Annual Procurement Plan, Contracts Awarded and the Names of Contractors/Suppliers/Consultants

  8. Ageing of Cash Advance Report

  9. TUP Citizen's Charter

  10. PHILGEPS Posting

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    Taguig Campus
    Cavite Campus
    Visayas Campus
  11. Procurement Monitoring Report

  12. Bids and Awards